Corporate Catering

Services:  Our restaurant provides a professionally delivered and set-up buffet.  Everything you need to serve and eat is provided, including plates,knives, forks, serving utensils, cups, ice, condiments, etc.  All service items are disposable, leaving nothing to clean.

Menu: All selections are prepared to order with only the freshest, finest quality ingredients available.  we can create special menus when desired.

Pricing:  Menu items are priced on a per person basis unless otherwise stated, and are all inclusive.  Service items, delivery to most areas, and set up are provided free of charge. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Ordering:  Orders may be placed up to 24 hours in advance.  However, due to a limited number of available reservations, it is suggested that you place your order as far in advance as possible. Orders are prioritized in the order received.  Orders may be placed by fax or voice mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please call to confirm your order.

Minimum Orders: We limit our delivery to groups of 10 or more, or an order of $100 or more. Delivery is provided at no charge within a 15 mile radius of downtown Indianapolis.  A delivery fee of $15 will be charged for delivery outside of this radius. 

Pick Up Orders: Catering orders may be picked up during business hours.

Cancellation:Orders may be changed or cancelled with a 24 hour notice without penalty, except for special or large orders.  Orders cannot be cancelled on the scheduled day of service; however, orders may be delivered to an alternative location or picked up.

Payment: All major credit cards accepted.  Corporate checks accepted on approval.  All returned checks are subject to a $25 returned check charge plus all legal and collection fees.

Party trays    

 Small serves 15 - 20    large serves 35 - 40


Meat & Cheese Tray                                                 Sm.  95.00          Lg.  195.00

Served with lettuce, tomatoes, bread & condiments

Antipasto Tray                                                           Sm.  40.00          Lg.   75.00

Served with salami, pepperoni, ham and assorted veggies

Assorted Cheese Tray                                              Sm.  40.00         Lg.   60.00

Cubed Cheddar, Mozzarella, Jalapeno Jack, Monterey Jack, Co-Jack

Veggies and Fresh Dill Dip                                     Sm.  40.00         Lg.   60.00

Fresh Fruit and Pineapple Dip                             Sm.  40.00         Lg.   60.00

Assorted Dessert Tray                                              Sm.  35.00         Lg.   65.00

Includes our homemade cookies and brownies





Homemade plain or assorted cheesecakes                                                   4.00

Homemade Blackberry or Cherry Cobbler                                                   3.00

Homemade Pecan or Fruit Pie                                                                           3.00

Homemade Chocolate, Coconut, or Lemon Meringue Cream Pie        3.00

Ultimate Triple Decker Chocolate Cake                                                          4.00

Rich, moist, Carrot Cake                                                                                       4.00

Snickers, Reese's or Oreo Pie                                                                              3.50

Assorted Dessert Bars                                                                                            2.50



Veggies & Fresh Dill Dip                                                                                       3.25

Fresh Fruit and Fresh Pineapple Dip                                                              3.25

Assorted Cheese Tray                                                                                            4.00

Chips & Salsa                                                                                                            2.00

Trail Mix                                                                                                                     2.00

Pretzels or Potato Chips                                                                                       1.50

Assorted Mini Sandwiches                                                                                  3.00                                                                                                                               


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